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Divorce can be broken down into six steps

Furthermore, in addition to usually being the party served with a divorce rather than filing the case, men face several unique issues and challenges in a divorce case. It is not uncommon for a woman filing a divorce to do a lot of pre-planning in regard to moving assets, separating accounts, lining up witnesses and making plans with friends and family to obtain affidavits to use in court. Women frequently make plans well in advance of filing divorce to get alimony, child support and child custody as soon as possible at a temporary hearing.

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Furthermore, women seeking divorce have usually make a list of assets they want before even meeting with their attorney. In speaking with hundreds of people seeking divorce and working in several Superior Courts and in front of several Judges, we attempt to shine light on some of the common misconceptions and confusing contradictions faced in getting divorced in Georgia. An uncontested divorce is a case where both spouses agree on all legally required aspects of the divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, the husband and wife agree on how to divide all of their property assets and of the debts of the marriage. If the husband and wife have minor children, they will also agree on the child custody, visitation and child support amounts.

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Finally, the parties will also agree if any amount of spousal support or alimony is to be paid. Once the parties agree on all of the above terms, they are ready to sign a Georgia uncontested divorce settlement agreement along with several other related forms setting forth the terms of the big five divorce issues:.

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Once the husband and wife have signed all of the divorce paperwork, our Georgia divorce lawyers can file the documents with the appropriate Georgia Superior Court and request the court grant a judgment for divorce. This can often be done without the parties even having to go to court. However, this process is much easier when using an experienced divorce attorney.

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He is skilled at keeping the costs of contested actions to a minimum. Although nobody likes to pay the attorney's fees associated with a contested divorce, sometime there is no choice. You may be in a situation where you have to file. See, Should I File Now?

And a contested action has advantages. Namely, you get the process started if pre filing settlement negotiations are likely to fail, you get the protection of a standing order your spouse can't move assets or move with the children , and you get the benefits of discovery. Plus, you don't have the disadvantages of a uncontested divorce.


Uncontested Divorce Often Is In Everybody’s Best Interests

Hippe will not hesitate to try a case if needed. Even after a contested filing, settlement discussion should never be closed off. It is critical to maintain respectful, positive communication with your soon to be ex spouse at all times.

And there should never be animosity between lawyers. Sometimes, however, the client has no choice but to proceed to a trial.

How Does a Divorce Status Conference in Fulton County Georgia Work

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