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The following request will return carrier information about a phone number. The phone number in the request URL must be in E. This will return a JSON response:. You can see that the carrier name for our example number, 1 , is Twilio.

Try running the request again with your own phone number and see what comes back! Bear in mind that carriers rebrand themselves constantly and that the names used for carriers likely will change over time. I got a call from this 9-digit invalid number earlier today -- that can't be right!

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Twilio doesn't allow customers to use numbers that they don't own. This isn't cool so we're working with other industry leaders to address spoofing. We know we're not the only ones who are curious who's calling, so we built a public Twilio bot that uses the Lookup API to let you know a number's carrier.

If you're getting spam calls or texts from a Twilio number, this text hotline will help you report it. Learn more about this and what we're doing to stop spam on our platform. For more information, check out the Lookup API documentation. It also allows reverse address searches and people lookups.

Who's Calling? How to Identify a Phone Number Carrier with Twilio Lookup

Phone Detective : Offers the ability to search for the owner of any cell phone or any unlisted number. Intelius : Has the ability to search for unlisted phones and even cell phone numbers.

Over 10,000,000 Successful Phone Lookups

US Search : Allows you to quickly reverse search for a number. Offers results including location, carrier, and a map. More detailed information is available for a price. Wait -…. Notice Anything Different? If you've come to the Ninja Number site before, you may have noticed some differences….

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